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Welcome to FinBOL seminar that will be held in Helsinki in Kulttuurikeskus Sofia in 19 April 2015.
Program is available here. For further queries, please contact Marko Mutanen.

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Marjatta and Eino Kolli Foundation supports DNA barcoding of fungal spores (13-11-2012)
Marjatta and Eino Kolli Foundation supports research on the development of a precise method to identify fungal spores in indoor air and actions to put the method into practice by granting 80,000 euros. The method is based on DNA barcoding. The project will be conducted in the Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Helsinki in collaboration with the City of Helsinki.
More information:

• Helena Korpelainen > e-mail

DNA barcodes revealed new fungal species for Finland (03-11-2012)
Dozens of new agaric and bolete species have been discovered during the first year of Finnish barcode of Life project. Some of them are also likely to be new species to science. The finding got wide media coverage in Finland. >> More information.

FinBOL web pages opened at www.finbol.org (27-03-2012)
FinBOL is a collaborative Finnish project aiming to produce DNA barcodes for species found in the country. FinBOL is part of the International Barcode of Life (iBOL) consortium, which has the long-term aim of producing a DNA barcode library for all species worldwide.

Finnish Ministry of Environment supports FinBOL and the global Malaise program (21-03-2012)
Finnish Ministry of Environment supports FinBOL and iBOL’s Global Malaise Program by granting 30,000 euros for sequencing costs. The national part of the project will produce DNA barcodes for thousands of samples and species from the most poorly investigated insect groups, especially Diptera (flies) and Hymenoptera (wasps).

Finnish Cultural Foundation grants 40,000 euros for FinBOL (28-02-2012)
Finnish Cultural Foundation gave a grant of 40,000 euros for the FinBOL network in its 2012 call. The money will be used to advance FinBOL’s aim of building a comprehensive DNA barcode library for Finnish animals, fungi and plants.

University of Oulu supports the FinBOL project (21-12-2011)
University of Oulu granted from its 2012 research infrastructure funding an appropriation of 101,850 euros for infrastructure development at the Natural History Museum of University of Oulu. Of that grant, about 82,000 euros are reserved for advancing the national DNA barcode library. The funding also enables compensation for experts who supply samples for DNA analyses.

Kone Foundation allocates funding for the FinBOL project (01-12-2011)
Kone Foundation granted the FinBOL project 40,000 euros in its 2011 call. The money will be used to advance the national DNA barcode library as effectively as possible during 2012.




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