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© Ari Kakko

FinBOL – Finnish Barcode of Life Project

Welcome to FinBOL seminar that will be held in Helsinki in Kulttuurikeskus Sofia in 19 April 2015.
Program is available here. For further queries, please contact Marko Mutanen.

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FinBOL produces barcodes for animals, plant and fungi
The Finnish Barcode of Life (FinBOL) is a national project with the goal of creating DNA barcodes for all species of animals, plants and fungi occurring in Finland. FinBOL is part of the International Barcode of Life (iBOL) consortium, which has the long-term aim of producing DNA barcodes for all species worldwide. Finland will form part of the European Union’s planned umbrella project (so-called central node), but at the moment Finland is functioning as an independent unit (so-called national node) within the iBOL project. More information on FinBOL’s role in iBOL is available here.

FinBOL coordinates the barcoding of species found in Finland
FinBOL coordinates DNA barcoding within Finland, most notably the establishment of a barcode library for species found in the country. A comprehensive DNA barcode library enables the automatic and unambiguous identification of species using a standard, relatively short genomic sequence. DNA barcodes also allow identification from a small sample from an individual, independent of life stage or gender. FinBOL creates a unique national resource for biological research, allowing DNA barcodes to be applied in many fields, for instance, in the monitoring of alien species, pest control, food control, and the surveillance of trafficking and importation of endangered species. After the completion of the project and further technological development, it will eventually be possible for anyone to use DNA barcodes to identify any Finnish species. The information produced by FinBOL will be stored in the BOLD database. The barcode data will be made public immediately for species identification, and other related data made available soon afterward.



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