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In Finland, there are about 1500 species of lichens, the majority of which are crustose in their growth form and are often difficult to identify due to missing and variable morphological features or only partially developed thallus. The taxonomy of many groups of crustose lichens is incomplete and the concept of species is unclear. This project aims to create DNA barcodes for lesser-known crustose lichens, as well as to identify questionable samples. Reliable DNA barcoding also simplifies the evaluation of each species’ taxonomic position, distribution and possible threat status. In particular, we work on the species of the genera Micarea and Verrucaria. The project has obtained funding from the PUTTE program of the Finnish Department of Environment during 2009-2011 (www.ymparisto.fi/putte).

Contact information:
Leena Myllys, Kasvimuseo, Luonnontieteellinen keskusmuseo, Helsingin yliopisto, e-mail




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