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Tachina flies (Tachinidae), warble flies (Oestridae) and Rhinophoridae flies

Tachina flies belong to the superfamily Oestroidea, together with warble flies (Oestridae), blow-flies (Calliphoridae), flesh flies (Sarcophagidae) and rhinophorid flies (Rhinophoridae). Globally, tachina flies (Tachinidae) are the most species-rich Diptera family after chironomid flies. However, as species richness decreases at higher latitudes, the 310 species of this family found in Finland represent only the third largest group, after syrphid flies and muscid flies.

All tachina flies have specialized in parasitizing other arthropods as larvae, usually causing the eventual death of the host. The family is very multiform and some species are rather difficult to identify. This project utilizes the collection of more than 300 northern European species deposited in the Tampere National History Museum. The material has been collected mostly after the year 2000, thus making it very suitable for the production of DNA barcodes, as DNA has limited preservability. Highly valuable knowledge of the taxonomy and species delimitation of these difficult genera will be obtained through the project.

The Oestridae and Rhinophoridae families are included in the project due to their small species numbers and close relationships. For instance, all Finnish species of the family Rhinophoridae are already deposited in the collections.

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