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Sawflies, ants, bees and wasps (Hymenoptera)

With more than 7100 species, Hymenoptera is the most species-rich group of organisms in Finland. The order Hymenoptera is traditionally divided into two groups, the sawflies (Symphyta) and the clade Apocrita, evolved from the sawflies. Within Apocrita, best-known are species in the clade of ants, bees and stinging wasps (Aculeata, ca. 670 species). The rest of Apocrita forms the vast paraphyletic grade of Parasitica, with more than 5600 species occurring in Finland. The DNA barcoding of Finnish Hymenoptera started in September 2012. So far, sampling has been focused on Aculeata and the family Ichneumonidae (with >2700 species in Finland).

Contact information:
• Gergely Várkonyi, Finnish Environment Institute, e-mail
• Juho Paukkunen, Finnish Museum of Natural History (Aculeata) e-mail
• Riitta Savolainen, University of Helsinki (Formicidae), e-mail





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